Francheska-Camille deC. Bose
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But I don’t like smiling.
That $4, 14 inches of the hitta. 👌❤️🍕
My view at #Hempfest. #Seattle

I feel like doing something stupid…
I’ve never felt like less of a person…
I’ve never felt so alone as I do now…
I’ve cried so much to the point where it physically hurts me to cry…
I don’t know what to do….

I now know why people tell me I have a “bitch face”…
😚💨👌 @urbanhealingcollective @x_tracted
Cravings satisfied. #bethscafe
Baby Coconut Juice 🌴 @ #thebiteofseattle

Idk how you can treat the person you love, like that…

My derpy 70 y/o dog, Jessy after her dreaded bath. 
I’ve had Jessy for 7 years now. She’s a rescue dog who came w/her name, which was perfect because it’s a combination of mine and my brother’s family nicknames (Jeh + Chessy = Jessy), so I guess you could say it’s meant to be. ❤️🐺
#PikePlaceChowder 😍😋😩❤️